Your eyebrows are the most prominent facial feature and can effect your overall appearance. Nouva's signature semi-permanent makeup can resolve many unwanted problems and give your brows a more symmetrical, flattering finish. Depending on your natural hair growth, skin type and expectations will determine which style of brows are most suitable for you.
Your lips are a sensual feature. Adding soft layers of colour to the lip will naturally enhance your appearance and restore confidence. Lips are a crucial part to looking youthful and healthy without applying your lip makeup everyday. Over time, lips can lose volume, definition and colour. The boarder of your smile can start to get lost. With the help of permanent makeup we can restore the youth of your mouth by adding colour definition.
Brow service in a beauty salon involves grooming and shaping eyebrows to enhance facial features. Services may include tweezing, waxing, tinting, and threading to achieve a desired look.
Our beauty clinics offers a range of services aimed at enhancing the appearance and well-being of our clients. Our trained professionals provide personalised consultations to create customized treatments that meet individual needs and preferences. Whether it's a haircut, nails, makeup, SPA or other services, we strive to provide a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where our clients can feel pampered and rejuvenated.
Frequently Asked
How long does the treatment take?

Depending on the size of your lip and the treatment style that's been chosen. New treatments may range from 2-3 hours from start to finish. The second sessions and top ups may take less time between 30 mins - 1.5 hours.

Can I have fillers?

Yes. However you must allow at least 4 weeks in between lip injections and Permanent Makeup due to healing process. If the filler is migrated we will recommend to get the filler desolved before having Permanent Makeup.

PMU can slightly flirt with the boarders of your lips to tweek symmetry but we cannot work over the vermilion boarder or skin tissue as you will have problems once the fading process. ​

Does it hurt?

We use a topical numbing solution cream which is applied to your lips before your treatment. Throughout the treatment you will be asked if you're comfortable and adjust if required. The treatment is a mild form of a tattoo so some sensation is to be expected.

How will I look immediately after?

Primarily the lips will look as if lipstick/gloss has been applied - depending which colour was chosen will determine the darkness/brightness. Slight swelling of the lips may appear as the skin has been abraded however this will all settle over the next few days.

Our team will provide you with a aftercare upon completion of your treatment.